Enchanted Lane

The Rose Tower, Alchemist Shop, Storyville Bookstore

A Secret Laneway where Wizards and Witches once shopped when creating their magical potions and wands.
The home of the Kingdoms Alchemist shop, the Magical Rose Tower and an Enchanted Bookstore where many hidden messages lurk in between the pages of the forgotten books and ancient scrolls.


Hall of Flames

Arch of Skulls, Magical Flames, Mysterious Thrones.

The Hall of the Kingdom. A mystical space where Witches and Wizards practice their magic.
Greeted by the infamous 'Arch of Skulls' reflecting all those souls who attempted to take on the Dragon that once wiped out the Kingdom with its fiery flames.

It was only the courage of the Kingdoms most powerful Wizard and Witch, that was able to tame the dragon, allowing the Kingdom to flourish once more...for now!