Motion Picture Show

Experience the movie style rehersals, props, studio lights then CAMERA & ACTION!
Themes: Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge, Time Warp


The Motion Picture Experience

What is The Motion Picture Experience?
Its a personalised Motion Picture Event like no other. The program is a theatrical dance workshop that is provided within a purposely built film set of the current theme.

What is the current theme?
Dirty Dancing.

Suitable for?
Birthdays, Hens, Hens/Hux, Team Building, special guest surprises or a great experience with your friends & family!

What is involved in a typical Event?
Enjoy complimentary champagne on arrival as you walk through the unique film studio.
Experience the unique sensation of walking into a film set for your very own themed production.
Create your own personal “time of your life” as you experience the movie style rehersals, props, studio lights then CAMERA & ACTION!
Be taken through some of the iconic moments & dance routines throughout the movie as you prepare for the final take and filming…
Then the ultimate filming, living the moment youve always imagined… being the performer in your very own favourite film production… while having the time of your life!
A special solo routine with the special guest.
An unexpected surprise and take away gift for the special guest.
All participants will receive a special gift.

Cost & Duration?
Duration: 90 mins
No. of Participants: 40 (Max)
Cost: $900

Optional Extras?
Professional Photographer to capture your award winning rehearsals and performance – please contact for pricing and availability.

Deposit Required?
Yes, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

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