Ciao Italy!

A unique interactive excursion experience like no other!


Ciao Italy - A Celebration of Immigration

What is Ciao Italy?
Ciao Italy is about a Celebration of Immigration directed and presented by Signore Fagiolo.
A hilarious, interactive & emotionally charged presentation based on a true story of a man as he makes his new home AUSTRALIA! for the first time.
The presentation is engaging, captivating and a one of a kind theatrical multicultural experience like no other.
A fascinating journey through Culture & Family Traditions.

Teachers Demand!
The touring CIAO show has sparked a teachers demand on providing an incursion program based on this popular true story! This popular incursion program has toured Australia wide and is finally making its way home to Fairfield Kingdom where the program will be transformed into an epic excursion experience like no other! The program covers various elements including knowledge, skills, concepts highlighting intercultural understanding.

This presentation highlights an entertaining depiction of immigration which will keep onlookers occupied and engaged throughout the performance.
A fun, educational and interactive activity, where an immigrant shares his story with objects from his suitcase – celebrating culture, dance and its influence on the Australian way of life including food! – triggering discussion around obstacles he faced in a new country, highlighting cultural differences in all formats. A great Multicultural Experience.

Excursion Program Framework
The Framework is designed to inspire conversations, encourage active participation and initiating problem solving utilising a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational engagement.
The Ciao Italy excursion program has been designed and developed based on consultation with a number
of multicultural professionals from  schools, language educators, university, psychology & entertainment industries as well as interviewing a large number of immigrants and their families.
Our goal is to help deepen children’s appreciation and understanding of an immigrants travels and contribution to a new country utilising, creativity, interaction and engagement, under the cover of fun and entertainment.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin\

The One and Only in Australia
We have worked consistently for 7 years to design and build a unique combination of a magnificent immersive & interactive environment and creative, hands-on, learning-focused and fun-based programs.

Location – Fairfield Kingdom
The creatives at Fairfield Kingdom have created a temporary Italian Village replicating the town of the owners father (where this true story of immigration was based from). You will be entering the Italian village, witnessing his village and the way of life as it was. The location also acknowledges the story on how this warehouse (where Fairfield Kingdom resides) originally presented to the current owner, this is an amazing story that dates back to WW2, linking an amazing connection between 2 Italian immigrants and several generations, a story that will move you to tears and joy – a story that will reinstate ones belief in the true sense of honour, persistence, self belief, love & gratitude. It’s an inspirational story that will be shared as part of this program.

What’s involved
– Interactive & Theatrical  presentation of an Italian immigrant and his journey to Australia.
– The Italian village experience and way of life,
– Tarantella Dance Workshop.
– Pasta Making demonstration with Nonna!
– Inspirational true story of the 2 Italian immigrants.

Times available: Morning and Afternoon sessions – Please contact for availability.


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