Ciao Italy!

A unique interactive & immersive Dance & Theatrical experience


Ciao Italy - A Celebration of Immigration


Laugh, cry & reminisce as you meet your neighbour for the first time – A Migrant!

A hilarious, interactive & emotionally charged fusion of Dance, Comedy & Drama based on a true story of a man (Creative Directors father) as he makes his new home AUSTRALIA! for the first time.

A unique & entertaining presentation of an Italian migrants journey to Australia in the 1950’s.

Its Universal appeal makes it a fun & entertaining history lesson on immigration.

‘Ciao’ is an informal Italian verbal greeting meaning either hello or goodbye, exactly describing the show – the jubilation’s, ecstasy & sadness that comes with CIAO, a theatrical representation with an underlying message to believe, let go, trust, unite, grow & succeed.

The show provokes much emotion, from the hilarious ‘Pasqaulino’ and his sausages, to the stirring emotions bringing the audience to tears. The show has it all, Its interactive approach really brings the performers and the audience together as one in a cultural experience like no other.

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