What is Fairfield Kingdom?

Fairfield Kingdom is a unique creative space that will ignite your imagination and take you into a place of unlimited creativity and magic.

It all began when Emilio had a vision… Read the full story below!


Our Story

What is Fairfield Kingdom?
Fairfield Kingdom is an immersive & interactive unique creative space that will ignite your imagination and take you into a place of unlimited creativity & magic.

Where did this idea of Fairfield Kingdom come from?
It all began with a vision…
It all began over 20 years ago, when the Managing Director of Ela Rose Studios, Emilio Ela Rose sketched a drawing which was inspired from the depths within his soul. A  yearning from an inner child that wanted to express and share his joy with the rest of the world, knowing that by doing so would one day liberate others to do the same.

“It’s truly amazing the vision that presents when you allow your imagination free to connect with your passion, instinct and set no limitations…”

The creative concept of Fairfield Kingdom
This project would not nave been possible without the support of Emilio’s family, partner and her family.
Under the direction and guidance of Emilio’s skills in visionary connection to imagination, his prop design & building skills was put to work! Inspiration of the design came from traveling the world studying theatre & dance which created a vision…. together with Sharon with her amazing creative imagination, helped to create Fairfield Kingdom

Fairfield Kingdom honouring a unique force of Gratitude.
The venue in which Fairfield Kingdom resides acknowledges the amazing connection of a grateful gesture that was made some generations ago … during World War 2. Where after 2 generations, a memorable gesture made to a family in crises has returned the favour in the most unexpected way…… a venue to allow a vision to become reality for the family that once provided in need.

Fairfield Kingdom delayed progress during the Pandemic – a blessing.
During the forced closure of Ela Rose Studios in March 2020 from the government enforced lockdown. The studio faced an uphill battle to survive, yet it was during these most difficult times that creative imagination can provide amazing ideas and opportunities should you allow it to flow. As a dance, theatre & creative studio, many production props, theatrical props, creative design artwork lay dormant for months during lockdown…then a creative spark ignited! Utilising all the props, sets, designs made for touring shows (stored in the studio collecting dust), artwork…led to a unique dance, theatre & creative studio like no other now known as Fairfield Kingdom!

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